What Types of Resin Driveways Are There?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

What are the different types of resin driveways? Basically, these are resin-bonded gravel and NatraTex driveways. But how do they work? Here’s a brief guide to the three most popular types. Which one is right for you? Read on to learn more! And don’t forget to check out our related articles. We have more information on resin driveways. Also, read about the pros and cons of each!

Resin bound driveways

Resin bound driveways are the latest innovation in surfacing technology. The modern, contemporary design and smooth finish of the driveway creates a sophisticated and stylish aesthetic. Resin-bound driveways can be designed with a range of aggregates to match the exterior colour of any home. A wide variety of colours and patterns can be used to create bespoke designs. Unlike other driveways, resin-bound driveways can be installed without obtaining planning permission.

Because resin-bound surfaces are permeable, water can be absorbed by them, without the surface becoming saturated. As a result, they are considered SUDS-compliant. In addition, permeable surfaces reduce the heat island effect and help the soil breathe. Ultimately, the advantages of resin bound driveways far outweigh the disadvantages. In addition, you’ll be happy you went with this environmentally friendly choice.

The process of installing Resin-bound driveways is relatively simple. The aggregates used are sized to fit specific site requirements. This process can be applied in a 12mm to 24mm layer. The aggregates are mixed in a forced action mixer. The mixture is then hand-troweled into a smooth, seamless surface. Resin-bound driveways are frost-resistant, permeable, and durable. The thicker resin bound driveways are able to withstand the weight of large vehicles.

Resin bonded gravel driveways

There are some tips that you should follow when installing Resin Bound driveways. If you want a durable finish, resin driveways require little to no maintenance. However, the resin-base bond must be strong to prevent problems such as unexpected rain damage, reflective cracking, and iron spotting. Read on to find out more. Here are a few problems that may occur with Resin Bound driveways:

The durability of resin driveways is an additional benefit. They last for 15 years or more, depending on the design and installation specifications. This type of driveway does not require additional drainage, and can last as long as 30 years without needing any maintenance. The resin-bound aggregate cover all of the aggregate particles and improve drainage. This means that the final weight will not harm the surface. As a result, resin driveways are a good choice for driveways that are frequently used by vehicles.

While a resin bonded gravel driveway is expensive, the overall cost of installation is well worth the benefits. A resin-bonded gravel driveway can drastically improve the appearance of an existing driveway. It can also improve water drainage and require minimal maintenance, which makes it a popular choice for homeowners. Compared to traditional paving methods, resin bonded gravel driveways are low maintenance and last for up to 15 years. In addition to these benefits, this type of driveway will look more attractive and durable than the traditional type.

NatraTex driveways

Resin-bound surfaces, such as NatraTex resin driveways, are a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to traditional tarmac or gravel. This seamless, UV stable surface is both durable and attractive, and is also weed-free. It also meets the requirements of UK SuDS planning regulations. If you’re interested in a resin driveway for your property, read on for more information. If you’re considering installing one, fill out the form at the top of the page to receive up to four quotes.

NatraTex Cotswold(r) is the flagship product of the NatraTex range. It combines the key ingredients of both asphalt and hard landscaping products to create an attractive, durable and permeable surface. Its unique blend of colour, granules, and aggregates produce an aesthetically pleasing, fully compacted surface that will not crack or fade over time. It is environmentally friendly and resistant to wear and tear.

NatraTex is suitable for driveways, car parks, and other outdoor areas, including walkways and access roads. The clear binder that holds the natural aggregates together allows architects to blend in hard landscaping with the immediate architecture. NatraTex’s slick, smooth finish is easy to clean and is also extremely durable, ensuring that it lasts for many years. In addition to driveways, NatraTex is also great for footpaths and access roads.