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By your choice to use our website,Driveways Nottingham, you’re consenting to cookies. Cookies allow our system to enhance and improve your experience while browsing our website. Should you prefer to turn your cookies off you can do so by altering the setting on your browser. We can continue to function without cookies.

Cookies are used to help track and monitor who visits our website. We’re in no way identifying you personally. We’ll never share any of your information. Our cookies are to improve the website’s performance to our users. This allows us to geotarget our users and ensure that the website gives a personal experience to our visitors.

Here Are The 3rd Party Tools We Use:

Google Analytics

Here we can monitor page views, time and referral source on our website as well as the user’s website activities. This cookie can’t be tracked directly to our users. The data collected is completely depersonalised. This helps us to maintain your privacy while you’re visiting our website.

Google Analytics allows us to consider which content is the most popular and relevant. It allows us to offer you the materials in which you’re seeking information and helps us to ensure that the information is vital to your experience.

Google Analytics Remarketing cookies allow us to display ads on our third party sites to ensure that our previous users will experience a good opportunity to visit again as they have in the past. All data collected is only to be used as per our privacy policy and Google’s policy for privacy.

If you don’t want your visits recorded, you can opt-out with your browser add-on:

Google Analytics Advertiser

Our advertiser features allow us to understand what visitors are seeking when they visit our sites. They give us anonymised data that we can use to collect the following:

Google Display Network Impression Reporting
Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting
Double Click Platform Integrations
Remarketing Google Analytics

Information is collected through the advertising cookies on Google and the anonymous identifiers. Additionally, some of the data is through the basic Google Analytics Implementation. Allowing for us to comprehend and understand the kinds of users visiting our sites. It then allows us to design the website for our visitors according to what they are seeking.

Google Adwords

This is utilised to see how our visitors go through our pages and submit forms. It allows us to design and create more efficient marketing campaigns. It also helps us to better use our search budget.

Double Click

This is used for cookies as well as remarketing codes in our website and to record all user activity. Information collected allows for us to design and create targeted ads for our users across the board for Google Network Partners.

Website Optimiser

Website Optimisers use cookies to recall search history. Here the information is still anonymous and won’t identify who has been to the site. It gives us the opportunity to generate relevant results.

Call Tracking

Call tracking can set dynamic phone numbers on the site. They give us the opportunity to identify how you have found us and when you call us. This way, we know what our users want and we can tailor your experience with the relevant ads that you’re seeking. This ensures that you’re going to have a great experience on our website regardless of the time of day that you’re visiting our site. Your experience will be tailored in this fashion.

Personal Privacy Policy.

For each visitor to our websites, our web server will not hold any information regarding the domain or e-mail address.

If you supply us with your postal address you will only get the info for which you supplied us your address.

Your details will be passed to direct installers or PavingQuoter who will contact you by telephone, email or sms,

If you do not wish to get emails from us in the future, please let us understand by sending us an e-mail at the above address.


Our checkout system uses cookies to make it easier for users to revisit their shopping carts and accounts, without having to log back into our system.
Our Privacy Policy And How We Use Your Information

1. Privacy Policy- For each visitor to our website, our website will not retain information regarding email address or domain without explicit permission. If you provide us with your street address, we will only send you information/products to your provided street address. If you provide us with a contact phone number, then we will only contact you regarding any inquiries you made online. You can send us an email to tell us you do not wish to receive emails from us in the future.

2. Personal Identification Information- We may use various ways to collect personal identification information from our users, and this includes when our users fill out a form on our site or subscribe to our newsletter. We may also collect information when users take part in other activities on our site. We may ask our users for their phone number, name and email address.

People can visit our website anonymously, and we won’t collect their personal information. We will only collect it when and if they voluntarily submit it to us. Users do not have to provide us with personal identification information. However, doing this may prevent them from participating in certain activities related to our website.

We will never sell or lease your personal information to a third party, but we may do so if the law requires us or if you give us permission. However, if relevant to your needs, we may use your information to inform you of any promotional information about third parties. Again, this is only if we have your permission.

3. Storing And Protecting Your Information- We take appropriate steps to protect and store your data. We protect your data from unauthorised access, disclosure or destruction of any information you sent us. This includes the data stored on our site, your username, password and other personal information. Visitors who need to correct the information they sent us can do so by sending us an email.

4. Sharing Your Personal Information- We do not trade or rent our users’ personal information, but we may share demographic information that is not linked to information that can identify someone. We may share such information with business partners, advertisers and trusted affiliates. We will only do so in a way outlined above.

In order to help us run our business, we may use third-party service providers. This may include help with sending out surveys, newsletters and we may share your info for those purposes, but only if you have given us your consent. In respect with Ad servers, we do not have any special relationships with them, nor are we partnered with any ad server companies.

5. Variations Of The Policy- Every now and then, we may use information our customers have supplied in a way that was not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. We will post any changes to our policy when we make them, to notify users of the new changes. We will only use the data collected from the time we made the changes to the policy. If you want to stay up to date on how your information is being used, then make sure you visit our site periodically, as this will help you learn about any changes we made.

Customers can email us at our email address if they don’t want their information being used for purposes other than it was originally collected for. Also, you can contact us if you feel that our site is not following the policy. If you have any concerns about cookies or how we use cookies, then you can visit for more information.