What Are the Benefits of Resin Driveways?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

A resin driveway has several advantages over a loose gravel or resin bonded aggregate. Unlike loose gravel, resin bound is smooth and flat without unsightly seams. It also provides a high-quality surface for foot and vehicle traffic. In addition to being durable, this type of surface is also UV resistant, colour stable, and fade-resistant, which can make it a great choice for a home’s exterior. A professional installer can also offer you UV resistant options for your driveway.


There are several factors that determine the cost of resin driveways. The type of resin used and the location of the property should also be considered. Resin driveways can be laid directly over an existing concrete or tarmac surface, but you should ensure that there are no cracks in the surface. If the area is not suitable for laying a new driveway, you will need to have the groundwork carried out, which can cost as much as PS120 per square metre.

The installation of a new driveway will cost between PS60 and PS90 per square metre. However, the price will depend on the size of the drive. For a driveway of 20 square metres for one car, the cost will be between PS1,300 and PS1,800, while a 40 square metre driveway will cost between PS2,600 and PS3,750. However, this figure may be inaccurate because certain colours are compulsory for resin driveways.


If you have been considering installing a resin driveway in your home, you should be aware of some issues that may arise. Some of these issues can be prevented, however, by proper maintenance. Resin driveways are known to be very durable, and if properly installed, can last up to 10 years without having to be replaced. To keep the driveway looking brand new, it’s recommended to regularly jet wash it and apply a sealant to it.

Resin driveways are made from natural-based compounds, so they are very durable. When installed properly by highly experienced professionals, they can last for up to 25 years. However, this is not to say that they don’t need regular maintenance. You should always ensure that the resin-bound surface you choose is installed correctly, and that it is the correct ratio of resin to aggregate. If the aggregate is too large, it may not last as long as expected.


Resin driveways can be finished in a range of colours, including silver, ash, or red. The latter is great for a more contemporary look, while red is the perfect shade to complement a traditional home. It can also complement other hues and textures, including brick and stone. Red is one of the most popular colour trends of the 21st century, and is also suitable for many different types of landscaping projects.

Resin-bound surfaces are relatively new in the paving industry. They have been used for a short period of time in commercial settings, but have only recently become a domestic option. Once installed properly, resin-bound surfaces are durable and can last for many years. Resin-bound aggregates come in a variety of colours and can suit almost any project. In addition to being durable, resin-bound driveways are also UV resistant.

Low maintenance

One of the most attractive features of resin-bound driveways is their low maintenance. Resin-bound surfaces do not absorb water or debris. In addition, they are resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Additionally, resin driveways are extremely smooth and durable. They are ideal for vehicles and pedestrian traffic and do not require sealant or wax. To maintain their beauty and lustre, owners should apply a topcoat of oil-based paint every year.

A good resin driveway should be resistant to stains and moss. However, it may not be suitable for all types of climates. Those who live in areas with high rainfall should consider a lighter-colored resin. It is important to understand the benefits of resin driveways and consider their drawbacks before making a decision. For example, dark-colored driveways may not need UV-resistant resin while light-colored ones will need one. However, all driveways need proper maintenance to avoid moss growth and keep the driveway looking perfect.