Nottinghamshire: 5 Places to Visit

With family living in the area, I have visited Nottinghamshire a handful of times to see them and take in the beauty of the area. During my visits, I have had vastly different experiences and seen loads of fascinating sites. Altogether here are 5 places in Nottinghamshire you should visit.

Clumber Park

Boasting larges garden with a vast array of activities, every visit to Clumber Park will create new memories. Historical buildings in the park offer the history of the area and galleries offer art for the viewing. For myself, I was drawn in by the high number of filming locations. Movies like various Harry Potter films and TV shows like Poldark, Downton Abbey, and Game of Thrones all have been filmed in this nearly 4,000 acre park!

Nottingham Castle

Castles are a must when traveling with my parents, and Nottingham Castle was no exception. Working as an art gallery and museum the castle offers history and views to impress visitors. Along with medieval history, the area offers cave networks to be explored during one of the numerous tours on offer. There is also the chance to visit the Brewhouse Yard Cottages, all with rather unique history and backgrounds.

Newstead Abbey

The next stop that I feel should be seen is Newstead Abbey. Boasting a long and significant history, with a plethora of owners. The one that caught my eye and convinced me to visit was Lord Byron, an English poet who’s known for participating in the story writing that led to Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein. With 300 acres, all of which include a lake, garden, & the abbey itself, to explore there is no chance of boredom during your visit.

City of Caves

Sporting a fascinating history the City of Caves offers visitors the chance to look into the past. Through time these tunnels have served as tanneries during the medieval times, Drury Hill slums during the 19th century, and even air raid shelters during the WW2 bombings. With a variety of different tours on offer one visit isn’t enough. I myself went with the entire family for the regular tour where I learned the history of the caves and then returned on later dates for the Great Escape tours and the ghost tours, all held at different times and tickets.

Sherwood Forest

No visit to Nottinghamshire is complete without a stop to the vast woodland area closely related to the legendary archer who gave back to the poor, Robin Hood. Sherwood Forest offers visitors the chance to relive the day of old through demonstrations and activities for all ages. Jousting shows and the chance to test your own archery skills are just some of the activities on offer. During my visit, I tested my skills against my father and uncle, proving I was the better archer! There are also extensive forest paths that can be walked or cycled for a unique experience among the old oak trees, some dating back centuries. No matter the group this experience is not one to skip.

Whether your interests lie in literary scholars or daring archers, Nottinghamshire has loads to offer the everyday visitor. These are just 5 places in Nottinghamshire you should visit, all from my personal experiences!

Here’s a map that leads from the University of Nottingham to our unit at 5 Queen’s Rd, Nottingham, NG2 3BX