How Much Tarmac Does 1 Ton of Asphalt Cover?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

If you are planning on laying asphalt, you may be wondering: how much tarmac does 1 ton of asphalt cover? The answer depends on the thickness of the asphalt you plan to lay. For instance, a half inch thick layer of asphalt covers approximately 316 square feet. Meanwhile, several inches of asphalt covers approximately 79 square feet. Nevertheless, the contractor must be aware of the compacted density of the material before estimating the required area.

Calculating tarmac requirements

There are several steps involved in the process of calculating the tarmac requirements for your project. First, you must determine the area where you intend to install the path. In order to make a more accurate calculation, you can use a tape measure to measure the area in feet. Then, you can multiply the measurement by 2322.7. The result will be the amount of tarmac you need for your project. You may have to adjust the number of feet by one if the area you plan to lay is large enough.

To determine the volume required, divide the area into square feet. Once you have this information, calculate the volume of the area using a summation calculator. If the area is irregularly shaped, you may want to contact a professional to determine the required quantity of hot mix asphalt. Alternatively, you can do it yourself by measuring the area and entering the measurements. In any case, be sure to use a scale with proportional units to obtain accurate results.

Another option is to calculate the quantity by hand. Most calculators are very accurate and can support different units. However, you may need to purchase more than the specified amount, due to waste during the application process. Buying more asphalt ensures that the area remains safe while avoiding expensive transportation costs. A rough guide for measuring irregular areas is to use a tape measure to calculate the area, then add the length of the tape to determine the area.

Calculating tarmac area

If you are laying down tarmac for a new driveway, parking lot, or other area, you will need to calculate the tarmac area before you start. To calculate the area accurately, you will need accurate measurements. You can use measurement tapes that provide readings in inches. To convert inches to feet, you must multiply the number by the area in feet. If you do not know how to convert inches into feet, you can ask a professional to give you an estimate.

Calculating tarmac volume

There are many factors to consider when calculating tarmac volume. For example, irregular shaped sections should be divided into equal regular sized parts and their volume calculated. Then, using a summation calculator, the total volume and asphalt requirements are calculated. Slightly irregular shapes can be approximated with reasonable precision. In cases where the volume and asphalt requirements are not known exactly, a professional can estimate the volume of hot mix asphalt needed.

To calculate the volume of tarmac, you need to know the length and width of the area. Typically, asphalt is two kilometers long and 0.1m thick. It has a density of 2243 kg/cubic metre, and is bought in tons from a hot mix plant. This can be confusing to calculate, but it will help to make sure you get the right figure. If you have no idea what the area of your area is, try using a measurement tape to get a better idea.

Once you have the measurement, multiply the number by the number of cubic feet to obtain the volume of the area. Then, multiply the result by the area to determine how much asphalt is needed. Remember that measurements are not always exact. For instance, waste can result in up to five percent of the area. To ensure safety and prevent high transportation costs, you should buy more asphalt than you need. In addition, you should make sure to account for irregularly shaped areas.