How Long Will a Resin Driveway Last?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

A resin driveway has many benefits. Its smooth surface makes it easy to walk on, is SUDS compliant, and weed resistant. Its resin finish protects it from UV rays and is aesthetically appealing. It will last longer and look good as well. It is also very easy to maintain. If you are considering a resin driveway for your property, read on to learn more about it.

Resin driveways provide a smooth surface

A resin driveway is a long-lasting and smooth surface that can withstand heavy footfall and regular traction from vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The expert team can install a driveway that is wheelchair accessible or pushchair friendly. They are an environmentally friendly option for homes and businesses. There are several benefits of resin driveways, so they’re a great choice for modern or traditional homes alike.

A resin driveway should be pressure-washed regularly to remove dirt and debris. This is the best method to use, as it is gentle enough to remove debris. A jet wash is ideal, but a strong garden hose works just as well. However, you should hire a professional driveway installation company to do this job. They will drill into an existing macadam surface. The installer will make sure that the surface is porous before laying the resin driveway.

They are weed resistant

Despite being weed resistant, resin driveways can become spotted with weeds over time. Windblown seeds may cause them to appear. To remove these weeds, you can pull them out by hand, but deep ones will need to be treated with weed killer. Resin driveways can also become stained by concrete or cement. In such cases, you can clean them up using diluted hydrochloric acid or proprietary cement remover. A clean water rinse is recommended afterward.

Despite the weed resistance of resin driveways, you need to take care of them. Even if they are sealed, some weed seedlings may find their way onto them. If you find them, you can treat them with a strong weed killer. However, you should note that if you apply a strong weed killer on a resin driveway, it may discolour it. In addition to weeds, moss and algae may appear on the driveway. To deal with these weeds, you should apply a moss and algae killer to the problem areas.

They are SUDS compliant

Resin driveways have a range of advantages over other types of driveway. This type of surface is relatively new, but already used by many driveway contractors, as it is SUDS compliant. It also offers the benefits of low maintenance and attractiveness. Below we will discuss the main benefits of resin surfaces. SUDS compliance means that water runs through a porous surface instead of through the entire surface.

The perfect base for resin driveways is an open textured tarmac of AC14 or AC20, which allows rainwater to permeate and soak into the sub-base without causing any damage to the surface. The preferred size of stones is 14mm and 20mm. Once this base is completed, the driveway is ready for use. Once installed, the driveway will be SUDS compliant and can be used as a sustainable, low maintenance driveway.

They are easy to maintain

Because resin driveways are low maintenance, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful new driveway while also being able to do some housework outdoors. This surface is perfect for sanding down patio furniture, painting clothes, or even performing car maintenance. During the winter months, the driveway needs to be treated to protect it from ice and snow, but after the cold weather has passed, the surface of the driveway can easily be washed free of snow and ice.

A resin driveway is low maintenance because it is porous, allowing rainwater to drain easily and preventing weed growth. Resin driveways are also easy to clean, with the exception of snow, as they need to be sealed every two years. Compared to concrete, resin driveways are more affordable than other materials, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. However, they are not as easy to install and maintain as other driveway materials.