How Do I Keep Weeds From Growing in My Gravel Driveway?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

There are a couple of ways to kill weeds on your gravel driveway. While this may not be a permanent solution, it will keep the weeds from growing in your driveway for a short time. Using salt will also kill the plants growing near your driveway. This is a temporary solution, however. To prevent weeds from growing in your driveway for good, you should use a residual weed killer or salt.


One of the best ways to control weeds in a gravel driveway is to spray weed killer on the area prior to laying the gravel. Weed killer will kill any weeds that are already there and will prevent them from growing back in the future. You can also hand weed to prevent weeds from growing on your gravel driveway. However, if you’re not sure what method to use, the following tips will help you get rid of them effectively.

You can also sprinkle some salt on the area. This method will kill existing weeds but won’t harm other plants that might grow in the area. Be sure not to use the salt solution if you want to maintain the look of your gravel driveway. A solution of about two parts water and five parts salt will do the trick. You should use a salt mixture that is not too concentrated, though, to avoid damaging other plants and waterways.

The best method of weed control is to remove all the gravel and the stones completely before weeds begin to grow. This method is most effective when you’re trying to get rid of deep-rooted weeds, so be sure to remove them thoroughly before the stones start to grow. Fortunately, salt and dish soap will help you kill weeds in a gravel driveway. However, this method won’t work for long.

Salt works well as a natural herbicide, so you can mix it with hot water and apply it to the weedy areas of your gravel driveway. Just be sure not to apply too much, as it will damage the soil underneath the gravel. You can also use a fabric foundation or a weed proof membrane over your gravel driveway to prevent weeds. Once you’ve cleared away the gravel, you can use a weed killer to kill the weeds at the root.

Residual weed killer

To prevent weeds from growing in your gravel driveway, apply a weed killer to the surface. This product can kill weeds and grasses without harming humans, pets, or the environment. Most of these products contain 5 percent vinegar, which is the correct concentration. If you are using a lower concentration, you may want to dilute it with water first. It may take several applications to kill all of the weeds. You can also add liquid dishwashing soap to the solution as a surfactant. The solution will adhere to the weeds more effectively, so apply it on a sunny day. Several days later, the plants will be dead.

After applying this product to your gravel driveway, it will cover the entire surface and be rainproof within 2 hours. You’ll see visible results within two to four days. Unlike other chemicals, residual weed killer prevents weeds from growing in your gravel driveway. Apply it regularly to see the desired results. One four-pound jug of this product is enough to treat eight hundred and five square feet.

A weed-killing product for gravel driveways is effective against the roots and the soil around them. These products are suitable for use on gravel driveways and other hard surfaces, such as lawns, sidewalk cracks, and fence lines. You should thoroughly hose off any remaining salty residues after applying the weed-killing solution. Do not forget to apply the residual weed killer to the entire area before mowing your gravel driveway.

Some weed killers are selective, meaning that they target specific types of fungus and weeds. The weed killer that you choose for your gravel driveway must be effective for the weeds present. If you are using a non-selective product, it will kill any plants that grow in the gravel, including grass. It’s important to choose a weed killer with selective action against fungus and grasses.