Do Resin Driveways Fade?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

One of the biggest questions you may have regarding the durability of resin driveways is, “Do resin driveways fade?” There are many advantages of having this type of driveway, including UV and weed resistance. In this article, we’ll examine the main benefits of resin driveways and discuss what they require to keep them looking like new. But if you’re not sure whether they’re the best choice for your driveway, consider seeking the advice of a professional.

Resin driveways give a striking visual appearance

One of the key benefits of resin driveways is their low maintenance. Compared to gravel and loose aggregates, this paving option requires little to no weeding and maintenance. Its surface is flat and hygienic, with no unsightly seams. As a bonus, it’s UV-resistant, colour-stable, and fade-resistant, too! To make the most of your resin-bound driveway, you should prepare the base of your property first.

The laying process is very straightforward. To lay resin driveways, you first need to dig up the existing ground material. Then, fill the space with a suitable building material. This could be asphalt, concrete, or tarmac. After that, pour a resin mixture onto the base. Spread it according to the designs you want. Once you’ve completed the process, you can use your new driveway to drive your cars to work, play with your kids, and relax.

They are low maintenance

Although the attractiveness of resin-bound surfaces may be diminished as time passes, they offer a number of benefits over other materials. Resin binding prevents weeds from growing between the joints of the stones and also acts as a barrier against surface water run-off. This material also resists cracking and flaking, so there’s no need to worry about top-ups or repoint flags. Unlike other types of driveways, resin-bound surfaces require fewer maintenance tasks than those of other materials.

Resin-bound driveways are available in a wide range of colours. Depending on the look you want, they can be designed to blend with your whole premises or to stand out visually. They can be installed without planning permission, and they are fully Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) compliant – a legal requirement for new developments. In addition, they require little or no maintenance, making them ideal for the home owner who is concerned about the environment and time.

They are weed resistant

If you’re concerned about weeds growing on your driveway, consider using resin bound stone. These surfaces are weed resistant, though small patches can appear from windblown seeds. However, they require very little routine maintenance and require virtually no weed control. After installation, all you’ll need to do is wipe away debris with a stiff broom. Afterward, light jet washing can help prevent weed growth.

Although resin driveways are weed resistant, they can get stained with cement or concrete. If this happens, the easiest way to remove the stain is to use diluted hydrochloric acid or a proprietary cement remover. If the stain remains, you can use a clean water rinse to remove the residue. To keep your driveway looking like new, you should seal it after every few months. This is because fading of the driveway is the result of a contractor cutting corners when installing it.

They are UV resistant

A resin driveway is the ideal choice for south-facing properties, as it can be a good place to grow plants, while still offering protection from the sun. But the glare of the sun can cause the driveway to discolour, particularly if you’ve used a non-UV-resistant resin binder. If you’d like to have a beautiful driveway without any fading, you can choose a resin with a high UV-protection rating.

While this is an ideal choice for those with high UV-sensitivity, it is important to maintain the colour of your driveway to prevent it from fading. Resin-bound driveways are very low maintenance, only requiring a power washing or brushing a couple of times a year. Furthermore, due to its UV-resistance, they won’t deteriorate over time, even when exposed to sun.