Cheapest Pavement For a Driveway

Posted on: July 23, 2022

If you are deciding on the type of pavement for your driveway, consider how old the home is. If it was built before 1970, the building code may have changed. You may also need to replace the base of your driveway if it is in an odd shape or slope. This will cost more. Whether you decide on asphalt, gravel, or premade concrete, here are some tips to make the decision easier.


There are several reasons to use asphalt for your driveway. While it is the least expensive type of pavement, it has some drawbacks as well. For starters, asphalt can absorb heat, so people living in warmer climates should avoid stepping on it. And, it lacks creative design features. Although manufacturers are working on new ways to color and seal asphalt, it is still best to avoid it if possible. Here are some things to consider when installing asphalt on your driveway.

Hot mix asphalt is the most commonly used type of asphalt for driveways. It is cheap and spreads quickly, which keeps costs down. Depending on the thickness and type of aggregate used, hot mix asphalt can be as smooth or as rough as you like. It costs anywhere from $1 to $3 a square foot. Reclaimed asphalt also has environmental benefits. You can purchase reclaimed asphalt to save on the cost of new asphalt.


There are several benefits to gravel driveways. This surface material is cheaper than asphalt and requires little maintenance, but gravel can sink under heavy rain and develop ruts. Although this material is easy to maintain, it may require periodic top dressing. Depending on your climate and other factors, gravel may need to be filled in areas that are sunken. Gravel also allows groundwater to reapply to the surface.

Pea gravel, also known as crusher run, is the cheapest material for a driveway. It consists of smooth pea-sized rocks that provide the best drainage. Depending on its size, pea gravel may cost $25 to $50 a ton. Pea gravel may require more maintenance. Adding additional gravel to the driveway every year or so will be necessary. This material is also more prone to shifting.


While asphalt is the cheapest pavement for a driveway, it is not ideal for hot weather. Concrete can expand and contract under high temperatures, causing costly damage to the surface. In addition, asphalt absorbs more heat from the sun, melting snow and ice faster. Asphalt can be installed much quicker than concrete, taking just a few hours compared to days or even weeks for concrete. Asphalt can be driven on right after installation, whereas concrete needs to be left for a week before driving on it.

The initial cost of a concrete driveway is higher than asphalt, but it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, especially with sealing. A well-done concrete driveway will last 50 years and will improve your home’s curb appeal. And, with the right materials and care, concrete can last for several decades, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing it in five years. In addition, concrete is very durable, allowing it to withstand heavier loads than asphalt.

Premade concrete driveways

Compared to asphalt and brick, premade concrete pavers cost between $25 and $50 per square foot. Premade concrete pavers are durable and come in many different colors and styles. They also require very little maintenance and can be repaired if necessary. Brick paving is expensive and can cost up to $50 per square foot in Seattle. Besides being a cheap pavement for a driveway, it can also be used as a patio.

Besides being cheap, premade concrete driveways come with many benefits. They can be colored easily. You can choose a different color for each section of the driveway by applying one coat of concrete on top of the other. Moreover, these pavements last for a very long time. And if you want to keep the driveway looking attractive, you can also opt for recycled materials. They will last longer than other pavements.