Can You Lay a Resin Driveway on Top of Tarmac?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

Resin is a very popular choice for driveways, but there are many pros and cons of resin over tarmac. Here we’ll talk about its durability, cost, and permeability. We’ll also take a look at some of the colours available. If you’re planning to lay a new driveway, you’ll need to decide what material is best for your existing tarmac.


If you are thinking of installing a resin driveway on top of your tarmac, you need to think about the permeability of the sub-base. Resin driveways are permeable, which means that water can drain away to the sub-base without collecting on the surface. This is especially useful for pathways and entertainment areas outside the house. A permeable driveway is also suitable for SUDS compliance.

Another important consideration is the thickness of the layer of resin. If the surface is relatively thin, you can choose a thicker one. However, you should check the thickness of the layer before you lay it. A high-quality resin will not crack or lift after installation. It will also prevent patches. If you choose a thicker layer, you will find it easier to control water run-off.


Aside from their aesthetic appeal, resin bound driveways are also highly durable. Depending on the design and installation specifications, they can last for up to 15 years. Resin driveways are designed to be heavy-duty, but not so much that they will crack. Nevertheless, they are ideal for runways and garages. Whether they are installed on tarmac or gravel, they have numerous benefits.

The durability of resin driveways on tarmac is unmatched by other types of surfacing. Unlike other driveway types, resin bound surfaces have excellent UV resistance, so they are not prone to fading or forming a heat-island effect. They also retain their pristine appearance for many years. Resin paving is also useful for flood prevention. It absorbs water, preventing the overflow of rivers and surface water runoff.

Another benefit of resin driveways on tarmac is that they are more resistant to moisture than other types of surfacing. As a result, they are resistant to the effects of water, and their high-porosity means that they don’t collect water and won’t crack. As they’re water-resistant, resin driveways also have a long lifespan, unlike non-permeable surfaces.


The cost of installing a resin driveway on top of tarmac depends on several factors, such as the base’s stability and flatness. A resin-bound driveway is cheaper, but the stones may not stick together completely. This process requires mixing aggregate and resin together before application. Ultimately, it offers a smooth surface. However, it requires additional installation costs. Some homeowners are unsure about how much it will cost, and it can be difficult to estimate this in advance.

There are many benefits to a resin driveway, including low maintenance. They last twenty years or more, if properly looked after. In addition, they require minimal maintenance. This type of driveway is also resistant to cracking, fading, and wear. Its natural drainage system also prevents flooding. It will withstand rain and surface water, making it ideal for people with a family. The cost of resin driveway on top of tarmac depends on the number of square meters and the quality of the material used for the driveway.


Resin driveways can come in many colours to suit the style and character of your home. The best way to choose the perfect one for your property is to research the different styles and colours available. You can choose the colour based on your own personal preference, your property’s colour or the colour of the surrounding area and neighbouring driveways. Many people choose to mix and match a variety of colours to give their driveway an individual look. This way, you can also choose motifs or designs to embed into the resin surface.

The two most popular options for driveways are Starlight and Aspen. Both offer a classic look that complements dark tarmac. These two colours are perfect for driveways and can be purchased in 7.5kg or 6.5kg kits. You can also choose between the two types of coloured resin depending on your preferences. Some of these resins are available in UV if you want to get a unique finish on your driveway.