Can You Lay a Resin Driveway on Top of Concrete?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

Many homeowners wonder, Can you lay a resin driveway over existing concrete? The answer is yes. A resin driveway looks great and adds value to a property. Resin driveways require little disruption and power washing to keep them looking good. They are easy to install and provide better traction for pedestrians and cars. Resin driveways are even wheelchair friendly! Learn more about the benefits of this type of driveway.

Sub-surfaces for resin driveways

The most common systems for resin driveways are tarmac or concrete. You can lay resin-bound materials directly onto a tarmac surface if the old pavement has been resurfaced, but the first step is to lay a suitable sub-base, usually MOT type 3, and to a depth of at least 1 mm. Resin-bound aggregates can also be laid directly onto a grid system if the concrete base is already in good shape. The installation can be very expensive, though, so make sure you choose a sub-surface that has already been properly prepared before the resin-bound aggregates are laid.

When installing resin-bound driveways, make sure your sub-surface is clean and dry. While using a heat gun is helpful, use caution when working on Tarmac. When installing a resin driveway, always make sure all solids are dry – if they are wet, the mix will be inconsistent and will not bond properly. Once the resin-bound aggregates are laid, use a plastic-lined wheelbarrow to transport the mixture and then trowel it onto the sub-base.

If the sub-surface is made of concrete, you should use a solvent-based primer on the concrete. You should also make sure the concrete has been completely cured. You can apply a breathable sealer to help the concrete cure. For new driveways on top of concrete, you can use resin-bound surfaces that allow the concrete to breathe. For best results, it’s best to apply resin-bound driveways on top of concrete if the existing concrete is a solid foundation.

Costs of laying a resin driveway on top of concrete

A resin driveway looks great and is a good investment for your home. Although you’ll need to power wash it regularly, you can get it looking like new again in a short time. Installation of a resin driveway is also a quick and hassle-free process, requiring minimal disruption. Moreover, it offers better traction for cars and pedestrians. Resin driveways are also wheelchair friendly.

Depending on the existing condition of your concrete driveway, you can choose to lay resin driveway on top of it or over it. However, you must remember that if you want to lay a resin driveway over existing concrete, you must first reseal it. The resealing process is best performed in the springtime. If you want your new driveway to look like it has a beautiful new surface, you should use edging to protect its outer edges. Otherwise, the driveway is likely to crack under use, resulting in the failure of the entire surface.

The costs of laying resin driveway on top of concrete vary. Professionals charge between PS150 and PS250 per day, and this does not include the costs of waste removal. If you need a bigger skip, you can hire one that holds 18 cubic yards of waste. It may take two days to complete the job. A professional installer is required to remove the existing installation. The removal process will cost between PS600 and PS1,000 for an average driveway.

Problems with resin driveways

Although the benefits of installing resin driveways over concrete are numerous, there are many potential problems, which can arise from improper installations, inexperienced installers, or a poorly constructed base. Here is how to fix these problems:

If you want a high-quality resin driveway, you need to hire a reputable installation company. Resin driveways are not regulated by any regulatory body, so if you’re unsure, go to a reputable company. Look for companies that are accredited by national trade associations and ask them to install your driveways correctly. Otherwise, you might end up with a cracked, ripped, or uneven surface.

One common problem with resin driveways is premature fading. This is caused by the direct exposure of the resin to sunlight. You can avoid this by using a stiff broom to remove the moss from the surface. Depending on the colour of your resin driveway, it might be more susceptible to stains, while lighter-coloured driveways don’t tend to show stains. If you notice stains, clean them immediately!

Another problem with resin driveways is weed growth. While resin-bound driveways are SUDS compliant, you should also check that they’re weed-resistant. If you want to install a resin driveway on top of concrete, make sure you choose one that’s weed resistant. SUDS-compliant surfaces are also a great option. However, you must be aware that resin driveways can be expensive. If you’re planning to lay one, you can get several quotes by completing a simple form.