A Tour of Nottingham City Centre

Nottingham is a city located in the heart of England, it may not sound at first, but its talking about Robin Hood, it sure sounds like you, since it was here where he lived all his adventures.

When you go to visit it, you must open your eyes to see all that one of the first industrial cities in the country has to offer visitors.

For this reason, and based on our experience, we are going to tell you about the plans that we carry out in this city, they are the following:

– Nottingham Castle: it is built under the foundations of an old Norman castle from the s. XI. It is currently the city’s museum. It was one of the most important castles for British royalty. In the surroundings, the royal family practised all kinds of leisure activities of the time. During the s. XVII was remodelled to become a Ducal mansion.

– Robin Hood Route: it is a good opportunity to learn about the history of the most important character in the city. On this route, we visited the places where this character performed each of his exploits and knew all the details of each adventure. The end is to take a beer jar in an inn dating from 1189, that is, the oldest in England.

– Visit the Sherwood Forest: it is a nature reserve with a great variety of trees such as birches or oaks, it is also the birthplace of the legends of Robin Hood.

– Discover the most hidden city of Nottingham: we visit the underground of the city with all kinds of caves, many of them would be warehouses or warehouses. Some even have their legends. We found it very interesting.

– Victorian architecture: for much of the s. XIX, the industry was included in the Hockley neighbourhood, after all these buildings were disused to become shops and bars. We stopped for a drink in a bar in this neighbourhood to enjoy these wonderful modern buildings.

– Videogames: if you like videogames, you can stop by the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham. We can also get closer to our childhood, for us it was very emotional, we remember when we used to meet with friends at the arcade.

– Palace of Justice Museum: all kinds of documents, laws and objects related to punishments are kept here to execute crimes. The Victorian architecture of some rooms was not very surprising, we could even see one of the old dungeons, it was impressive.

– Old Market Square: it is the most important square in the city and the second most important in the United Kingdom. It is a meeting place, to rest from shopping or to enjoy all kinds of performances. Then we went to a big avenue with all kinds of stores to go

Here’s a map that show the distance from our Nottingham base to the Nottingham city hospital