How Much Gravel Will a Ton Cover?

Posted on: July 23, 2022

If you are about to start a landscaping project, you may be wondering, How much gravel will a ton cover. Gravel comes in a variety of sizes and classes. Learn about the size, class, and average cost of gravel in this article. In addition, you’ll get a general idea of the cost of a ton of gravel. Hopefully, this will help you make a better decision about your project.

Size of gravel

What area does a ton of gravel cover? A ton of gravel covers approximately 0.66 cubic yards of area. This figure is in terms of the Imperial measurement system and equates to about 0.509 cubic meters. If you’re using the US customary measurement system, a ton covers approximately 22 square feet. In order to make your calculations easier, we have provided some examples below. In each case, the area the ton covers is equivalent to the area it would cover if a quarter ton of gravel was used.

To calculate how much gravel to buy for your project, use a gravel calculator to determine how many cubic yards you’ll need. Enter the dimensions of the area you’re paving and enter the desired depth. The calculator will return the area and volume of gravel you’ll need and the weight of the gravel you’ll need. You can also input different measurements so that you can convert the total area into metric.

Area covered by a ton of gravel

To know the area covered by a ton of gravel, you can use a yard measurement to find out how much it covers. A cubic yard is about 3 feet wide and 3 feet high, so one cubic yard of gravel will cover about 100 square feet. For the same area, one inch of gravel will cover around 80 square feet, and three inches will cover about 200 square feet. In addition, different projects require different depths of gravel.

A ton of uncompacted Cloburn gravel weighs about 1.4 tonnes per cubic meter, so one tonne will cover 14 square meters at a 50mm depth. Then, divide the width by 12 to determine the area covered by a ton of gravel. The area covered by a ton of gravel varies greatly, but one cubic yard is approximately 0.66 cubic yards. To get an estimate of how much gravel one cubic yard covers, multiply the length and width of the material by two.

Class of gravel

When it comes to gravel, the class of size matters. A ton of gravel can cover up to a hundred square feet. In other words, 2,000 pounds of gravel will cover 100 square feet. The difference between pea gravel and large pea gravel is the density of the material. At a depth of two inches, a ton of pea gravel will cover an area the size of 10 by 10 feet.

A ton is composed of approximately 0.66 cubic yards. A typical cubic yard contains about 2000 cubic feet, or 0.714 cubic yards. For a ton of gravel, there are about seven thousand cubic feet in one cubic yard. This quantity covers a ton of gravel, so a ton of gravel equals about seven hundred cubic yards. However, the quantity is much greater if the gravel is mixed with sand.

Average cost of a ton of gravel

The average cost of a ton of gravel can vary depending on your location, budget, and size of project. You can buy gravel by the bag, cubic yard, or ton and have it delivered to your location or pick it up yourself. Because gravel is very heavy, it’s best to estimate the cost of delivery before ordering your first ton of gravel. Below is a basic cost breakdown for gravel delivery.

A basic bag of gravel can cost anywhere from $2 to $6, depending on size and location. Decorative gravel can cost anywhere from $6 to $8 a bag. Gravel is available at most home improvement stores. A ten-wheel dump truck can carry between 12 and 20 tons of gravel and eight to ten yards of gravel. Delivery can cost upwards of $25 per ton. However, if you plan to buy a lot of gravel, it’s worth comparing prices.